Scrub, rub, lather, smear or simply lay back in the bath and soak it all up.

However you prefer to enjoy feeding your body with BARE Nature’sKin unique natural range of Skincare and Olive Oil Soaps inspired by the best nature has to offer, the result will always be rewarding. Our Olive Oil soaps are made with 80% olive oil and 20% coconut oil, this gives a great feel on your body.


BARE Nature’sKin products are made with olive oil from our own local olive grove and a carefully selected combination of pure essential oils of the best quality, mineral clays from Australia and over seas and a wide collection of high quality dried botanicals.


Our Goats Milk Products are made right here from the milk of our own goats. We milk and prepare the natural blends of essential oils and natural products to bring you the best soaps and creams for your skin.

If by chance you get the opportunity to enjoy a stay at one of the many beautiful Vineyards or Cottages close to the inviting small village of Broke, or by chance just passing by , I invite you to my shop in the center of Broke. See, smell and experience the wide range of  BARE Nature’sKin products and perhaps see how a soap becomes a soap.

If a visit to Broke is to far I hope that my webpage will be able to offer a taste of the range of natural Skincare and Olive Oil Soap, BARE Nature’sKin has to offer.

Call Michelle on   02 6579 1368

at 3718 Great North Rd, Laguna, New South Wales, Australia 2325, Australia in The Heart of the wine country in the Hunter Valley of NSW